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Although the majority of our patients will be seeing a General Dentist for their treatment, however, some patients may need referral to see an expert dentist in their field for any complicated dental treatment. 


Advance Dental Care is happy for other dental practices in the local vicinity to use these services for their patients. Please contact 0208 754 3910 to get expert help on how to refer patients. 


For Root Canal Treatment: Please ask for Dr Laura Ortega

Prices: Molar £400, Premolar £350, Incisor/Canines £300. Re-root treatment and fractured file cases are also welcome. 


For Wisdom Teeth Extractions: Please ask for Dr Mazen Att

Prices: £150 for wisdom teeth extractions. 


For Dental Implants: Please ask for Dr Jena Albazi

Prices: £1850 for each dental implant including a crown


Tel: 0208 754 3910


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